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empowering residents to determine

strategic plan

The lack of constituent-engaged strategic planning has resulted in a lack of responsive solution to the problems facing Black Hawk Co residents.

In the fall of 2021, Black Hawk County received a $25.5 million federal grant that is being used as a budget supplement instead of invested into transformative change for our community. The lack of long-term planning is a perfect example of a county government that is

Resource Rich & Strategy Poor.

Had a constituent-engaged strategic plan been in place when federal dollars became available, shovel-ready projects with community buy-in could have helped lead growth of our county and served as a generational catalyst for sustained economic growth & change.


FOR ALL of us

Currently, Black Hawk County invests practically nothing in economic development - taking a hands off approach to a function of government that impacts all of our lives.

From the attraction of quality jobs, growing the local tax base, ultimately lowering the asking on citizens through growth, not cuts of necessary and important services.

Without serious investment into our future, we cannot find the economic success necessary for Black Hawk County to meet the needs of our residents and realize opportunities for  the hardworking citizens of Black Hawk County.

Other counties are making serious investments into their local economies, Black Hawk County must make similar investments if we hope to compete & grow.



Black Hawk County officials have bragged for years about the lack of debt & financial outlook of our county budget. While the efforts to get our books in order are admirable, what is not admirable is the county's efforts to address matters of health.

From the deplorable state of the Country View facility prior to the Board of Supervisors dumping the facility that was meant to take care of the most vulnerable among us, to the lack of funding invested in efforts to communicate with the public and an ultimate undermining of the important work of the Black Hawk County Health Department, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors can and must do better to protect the lives of all of our residents.

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